Red vs. Blue: Sarge and Church Guide to Gaming Online
Church: Hi, I'm Private Church from the popular web series Red Vs. Blue. Sarge: And I'm Sarge, from the same show. Y'know, back in my day, multiplayer gaming used to be a little different. Church: Now, in the modern days of online casino games as mychance casino free spins gaming, you don't even have to... Read More
Cheating in Gambling and Sports Betting
Here's what's happening this week in gambling at springbok casino review of gambling games! With the spread of sports betting across our great nation, and given some of the recent headlines, I thought it was time we discuss a difficult topic: Cheating! This week's big story is nothing new for our friends in the United... Read More
How to make "40/7" items (critical rate in slot)
Well of course, critical rate scrolls actually exist, but they are extremely rare, and therefore expensive, so let's go with the other method. This other method is gambling. Well, that is something I wouldn't really recommend doing, but if you like testing your luck, then... well, good luck with it! This method includes random scrolls.... Read More
Level Up: Lessons in Teamfighting
Teamfighting is a part of what makes league of legends so enjoyable it happens in almost every game and being good at it is crucial in order to succeed today we're going to be looking at the ins and outs of teamfighting, some examples from the LEC and how you can gain some hefty XP... Read More
We RECOMMEND Walmart's gaming laptop!!
Now my mama told me a lot of things growing up She said stand up straight if you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all. And... Never kick'em while they're down. But uh, I don't see my mama. Do you? And that is why today's video is going to be about Walmart's...... Read More
Shooter Video Games
Okay I'm not accomplishing anything in this I'm not getting anything Oh it's Doom! I D Q I just keep shootin' 'em? def-Crack it Okay, why did I wince? Why did I get scared? I D Q...shotgun? What? If I press I D or Q...nope, doesn't do anything, uuumm... No I don't wanna...cracking right-clicking. Sorry!... Read More
A Game About Jazz
[embed][/embed] There's more troll face games! TROLL FACE QUEST VIDEO GAMES! Be-still my beatin' heart! Wait, Let- hold on a second I'm not gettin' a heart beat... I think I might be dead! NURSE!! *Whapish* Top' of the mornin' to you laddies my name is Jackseptcieye and welcome to 'Troll Face-Quest Video Games'! There's more... Read More
Las Vegas How to Travel on a Budget
I've been going to Vegas for over two decades. That's two before, okay. Two decades. I've loved telling everybody about some of the fun stuff that I find in Vegas, because I get a ton of questions about how do you not spend so much money and where are the fun places to go? So... Read More
Best Gambling Towns in the world
Best Gambling Rooms in the world. Plan your trip with our article. Macau The beautiful port city of Macau was a Portuguese colony until year 1999. It was since then transferred to china and now under Chinese rule it has become the biggest gambling city in the world with revenue almost $ 30 Billion, with... Read More
Win Bingo Easily
If you are reading this article because you are seeking for ways to secure a huge win every time you play bingo, you fell into my trap completely. Believe me when I say that you are not alone; people are constantly on the lookout for strategies that can guarantee them easy money by playing bingo.... Read More
Winning at Slot Machines
You should always decide before gambling in any game how much you can afford to spend, and don’t spend over your set budget. Pick a slot machine that has a coin size that fits to your budget. The wonderful thing about online slot machines is that anytime you want to increase or decrease your coin... Read More
Why More People are Playing Online
The Internet has affected almost every aspect of modern life, and gaming is no exception. Many people love to play poker and other games with their friends, but getting everyone together for a poker night can be difficult. Trying to coordinate everyone’s busy schedules can make it hard to find time for a friendly gathering... Read More
How To Read Your Opponents When Playing Poker
When playing poker, the best way to gain as many chips as possible is to play your best cards and hope to get a little bit lucky when you need it! It can often be difficult to read your opponents, but when you learn to pay attention to the small details it will get easier... Read More
Check, Fold, Raise: The Basic Moves in Poker
In this situation most players would be tempted to raise, as this is the best initial hand you can possibly get.. As most of you know, there are three basic actions in nearly any poker game: check, raise, and fold. “Check” means to pass your turn to the next player. “Raise” means that you will... Read More
Why Is Online Poker So Popular
Poker is a game that has been played for many years, but is now more popular than ever before. One of the primary reasons for its popularity is the development of online poker, which was thrust into the spotlight when Chris Moneymaker gained entry by way of a satellite tournament on Party Poker and took... Read More
What is a “Poker Face”?
These days, when most people hear the phrase “poker face” they think of Lady Gaga’s famous pop song. But what is a poker face? The song itself gives a clue – it’s a facial expression which can’t easily be read. The point of a good poker face is to deny the other persons at the... Read More
Things You Didn’t Know About Online Poker
Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. It is something that has certainly taken off in the last decade or so as a way for people to make money and enjoy each other's company. However, there are some things about this game that you probably do not know. Some are... Read More