A Game About Jazz

There’s more troll face games! TROLL FACE QUEST VIDEO GAMES! Be-still my beatin’ heart! Wait, Let- hold on a second I’m not gettin’ a heart beat… I think I might be dead! NURSE!! *Whapish* Top’ of the mornin’ to you laddies my name is Jackseptcieye and welcome to ‘Troll Face-Quest Video Games’! There’s more of them! This must be new because I didn’t see this one when I was doing all the other ones I think the last one we did was the YouTuber edition one…? I dunno, Pewdiepie was in it somewhere… Erm, I-I’m pretty sure that, that was the last one. So now, Trollface quest video games, this is one based, all around Mario and latest casino bonuses Well not, just around Mario but lots of stuff, like Warcraft, Portals- Go to the bathroom. Whatya’ fraid of?? If you’re gonna take a shit, you’ve already taken the hardest step foward Wha’ da crack does that do? You tryna squeeze out a shit right then, right then and there.

Oh… *Laughs* Dude! Take of your pants before you take a shit! You can’t just walk through a portal, squat down, and shit your pants! What’s the point of even going to the bathroom in tha- I could’ve done that over here! Jesus Christ Okay. The cake is a lie This is based around Portal. What the crack!? Did a head crab just come out and shit on my cake? Did he just come out and jazz all over my parade? Son of a bitch! Okay, same thing again. So I have to fire a portal somewhere Okay, restart. Fire a portal, aand fire a portal! Ah, he’s gonna come in an fall in Ohh The cake is mine today! Wait, how- There we go! Ha! Incinerated that bastard just like a crackin’ compainion cube. He didn’t even eat the cake! *Giggle* he just blew out the- So, lets recap. I shit my pants and I blew out a candle. Oh yes. I’m probably not gonna get all the video game refrences cause- I dunno what this is.

What are you? *flies buzzing* Okay, I failed. Do one of these have somethin’ special in them? Nope! Okay Um What do I need to do? I have a crackin’ itchy eye first and foremost. Do any of your teeth do somethin? No… This is clickable… Ahhhhh It’s crackin’ bowling- It’s Ben and Ed! No lie, I was actually gonna guess that! I was gonna guess that, that was Ben and Ed because of this dude and the cans but I was like “No, they wouldn’t have Ben and Ed in it,” “that’s a very new game.” “They obviously wouldn’t have that.” I thought it was gonna be all, older games, or classic games I’m SO happy about that! That Ben and Ed is getting more recognition Crackin’ love that game! Are you assassins creed? ‘Course you are. *jazzing sound* *Laughs uncontrollably* They didn’t see a crackin’ thing! Of course they didn’t! When you hide inside the bales of hay they don’t see anything, you just stick your lil’ booty out shake it all’ round! *jazz sound* *laughing* *jazz sound x2* What the crack!? *laughing* I have no idea what I did! How did I finish that? All I did was jazz again!