How to make "40/7" items (critical rate in slot)


Well of course, critical rate scrolls actually exist, but they are extremely rare, and therefore expensive, so let’s go with the other method. This other method is gambling. Well, that is something I wouldn’t really recommend doing, but if you like testing your luck, then… well, good luck with it! This method includes random scrolls. Their outcome is a so called weighted random, meaning bad options have higher chance to be granted upon success. However, there still is a chance to get the one you actually want.

This is the method people normally use when they are trying to get critical rate in weapons or helmets, or maximum critical rate in gloves or suits. Contrary to popular belief, you can NOT get skill amp that way, so it’s almost entirely useless trying random in your boots. So what do you need?

Well first of all an item with 2 slots. A slot extender matching the grade of that item. Random and critical damage option scrolls, and force cores also matching the grade, a core alchemist in your favorite town, and last but not least. Luck. Lots of it! I totally didn’t buy the cheapest items I could find in the shop.

So here’s my uhm… Master’s Palladium Orb?… and my Slot Extender Highest? Uhm… yes! So a few things to know about filling the slots of an item. The first slot in armors and weapons is permanent once you succeed with filling it. The second slot is sort of variable.

You see, if you succeed with filling it, and then you fail filling the 3rd one, the 2nd will be reset to be empty as well. Now this is normally a really annoying thing, but this time, we are actually going turn that to our advantage. The second thing to keep in mind, is there’s a base chance for success when you register a scroll. This chance can be improved in 2 ways: you can use more force cores, but that’s limited to 10, and you can upgrade your item.

At +15, using 10 force cores your success rate will be 98%, which is actually quite favorable. Remember when I said your chances to get your expected option are quite low? Well that is why, we’re going to make use of the facts that I’ve just mentioned to save as much money as possible. Let’s fill the first one with critical damage. This one is going to be permanent. It cannot be removed anymore.

The second slot is where you will want to get your favored option, in this case critical rate. Now obviously, you’re not likely to get it first. You see, I got something different too. But no problem, let’s use the slot extender that is still totally highest grade and add a 3rd slot. And, let’s fail it so that the second one will be reset too. Now what you use for the 3rd slot is determined this way: will you use your item even if it doesn’t have rate in it?

If your answer is yes, put a critical damage scroll in it! If no, then buy the cheapest scroll you can see because you’ll be throwing this item away if the results are unsatisfying. If your item is +0, or anywhere close to that, and you use only 1 force core, you can see your chance to succeed is quite slim, and in this case that’s good! You want to fail your 3rd slot, so that the 2nd option will be gone.

Ideally, you will fail, and then, you start it all over from filling the 2nd one with random. There are 2 possible outcomes: worst case scenario, you get something useless in the 2nd slot, and then succeed when filling the 3rd one. That means all 3 slots will be filled, and there’s no way to ever modify them again. You can decide to use your item, or throw it away. And you will have to buy a new item and a new slot extender to try again.

The favorable outcome is to have critical rate in the 2nd slot. Now this is the part where you stop! You must NOT fill the 3rd slot just yet! Remember, that if you fail the 3rd, all the result of your hard work will be gone just like that! So this is the part where you start upgrading. Ideally you should get the item to +15, and then try filling the 3rd slot with critical damage, AND using 10 force cores to have maximum chance for success.

So that’s about it: the next time you’re wondering why those so-called “40dmg/7rate” items are so expensive, well here’s your answer.