How To Read Your Opponents When Playing Poker

When playing poker, the best way to gain as many chips as possible is to play your best cards and hope to get a little bit lucky when you need it!

It can often be difficult to read your opponents, but when you learn to pay attention to the small details it will get easier and you will win pots.

When you are playing poker, simply betting based on the cards in your hand is not enough to win. In this complex card game, you are also betting on what your opponents do not have in their hands. Playing poker long enough to learn when you have the hand won is the key to winning.

If you just pay attention to how other players bet, it is not usually too difficult to tell what cards they hold. In fact, most beginner and intermediate players will raise with big cards like AA, KK, QQ and JJ. Many players also raise heavily with AK, AQ and AJ although this is not always winning strategy.

If a player raises preflop and the flop comes A A K, you can count on him getting a pretty good piece of it. However, if the same player raises before the flop and it comes 8 7 9 his big cards just shrunk in value. Players who are playing straight cards such as 5-6 or 10-J will take all of his chips.

In poker, the position you are in is just as important as the cards you’re dealt. Most people will raise on the dealer button or when in the blind to try to run other players out of the pot and pick up everyone’s original bet. If a player bets heavily on the button every time it comes around to him, you must determine if he is really picking up great cards on the button consistently. Pay attention to how each player at your table bets, it doesn’t take long to figure out which players raise with nothing and which ones raise every time with any face card. If his betting throughout the hand doesn’t make sense to you, then there may be a reason for that and perhaps it is worth a call just to see his cards even if you don’t know if you have the winning hand.

Poker is not a game of certainty, but the more you play the better you will get at reading your opponents. Until you reach that goal, try to play tight but aggressive and get your chips into the middle when you have the best chance of winning.