Shooter Video Games

Okay I’m not accomplishing anything in this I’m not getting anything Oh it’s Doom! I D Q I just keep shootin’ ’em? def-Crack it Okay, why did I wince? Why did I get scared? I D Q…shotgun? What? If I press I D or Q…nope, doesn’t do anything, uuumm… No I don’t wanna…cracking right-clicking. Sorry! Oops, I didn’t mean to get you kill again what do I do? uuuuuummm What? Oooooohh. CHICKEN GUN! Yeah that made ’em all happy, then I’m happy that I get to survive. What? D’ya know that time when you were playing Doom when you were a young child? Doom came out and it was all like scary and everything because it was like a 3D first-person shooter thing, all these monsters coming around you were kind of scared then you shot that dude with a chicken then you shot him again and he went *Walulululululululululu* Video games man *laughing* Wait what are you? *notification tone* SHUT the crack up phone! Christ you think I’d learn after doing YouTube for three years to turn you off. Is this Minecraft? Feels like Minecraft…I’mma just click blocks. Did I lose?

Okay… *laughing* EEEEEE! When I play Minecraft that’s the face I make as well: EEEEEEEEEE! Is there anything else I’m, supposed to be clicking? Wait for it… Wait for it- keep going Oh! Ooh *laughing* He meat on the floor. He was virtual reality Minecraft! He was building blocks of the ground but it turns out he was meatting on the floor and his parents came in and gave hell to ’em *laughing* Oh you must be related to the dude at the start of the game; he meat his pants and you just meat on the floor *laughing* Uh, Happy Wheels? Okay, story of my life. Okay I thought I could click on him again. Story of my life just try to peddle the bike and then AHHHH *laughing* oooooohhhhh Where do I- where do I drag him? Wha?? *laughing* How does that make any cracking sense?! *laughing* Ooooh toilet humor. It’s all jazzs and poop and meat and toilet jokes all over the place. The best! “Trollish him”? Okay uh… What that wasn’t it? What do we do then? Trollish him…okay don’t click on him Click- oh the same cracking thing come on man! You got to be smarter than that! Ok ok ok there’s something I’m supposed to be doing….But I don’t know what it is. I know Raiden- Trayden and Trollpion… Scorpion and Raiden I get it I played the Mortal Kombats. I didn’t even click on him! I clicked on the crackin’ steps!

Ok ok…let’s see for a cracking second here… uuummmm…Is there anything else I can click? Does that count as clicking you? I think so I’m not gonna do that that. uuumm…That counts as clicking you as well. Do I- do I just wait? Is that what I do? Wha da crack? WHAT! I had to grab his pants and pull them down? How in the name of Jesus was I supposed to know that? Oh God- okay what what is this one? Keep clickin’ to a hundred dollars and then click the top thing. Okay let’s do that… This is a lot of clicks! Now I just went passed sixty-nine. Sick dude. Be careful- You cracking dick! *laughing* Okay can I X out of it? There we go. WHAT?! Aww man. What do I do then? Have to click on these cracking faces as they fall Oh…how did I do that?