Why People Are Freaking Out About Chris Pratt, Huge Supreme Court Ruling, and Gaza

S’Up, you beautiful bastards, Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday, welcome back to the philip defranco show and let’s just jump into it, And the first thing we’re gon na talk about today is why we had benedict cumberbatch chris pratt And bryce dallas howard in the news. One of the main reasons right now is money has been his ongoing conversation and debate about equal pay in Hollywood. Benedict Cumberbatch recently made the news because he said that male actors should refuse to do movies if they’re female Co-stars don’t make the same. As the saying look at your quotas ask what women are being paid and say if she’s not paid the same as the men I’m not doing, and we have Cumberbatch saying This at around the same time that it was reported that Bryce, Dallas Howard is making less Money than Chris Pratt for the new Jurassic World movie and reportedly of Eric Pratt is making 2 million won.

So this whole situation spawned a very interesting debate. Yet people saying the Bryce Dallas Howard deserve to get the same amount of money as Pratt co-stars they’re. The two main leads of the movie others are arguing.

No, that paycheck isn’t just for the amount of time you have on that set, but also for your ability to get people to buy a ticket. And I think it’s very easy to argue – and I mean this with No disrespect towards Bryce Dallas Howard. But I think that Chris Pratt is arguably a much bigger pole. Entertainers have a Fluctuating market value based on their ROI or return on investment. If a studio knows that they can pay Chris Pratt 10 20 million dollars and that he, because he is in that movie, that it’s gon na make X dollars, he can justify and pay for like When the movie passengers was made. Jennifer Lawrence, who was a bigger star at the time, made 8 million more than Chris Pratt They’re.

Both leads, They were co-stars Chris Pratt, Actually, I believe, was on screen more, but Lawrence received the bigger payout when it comes to the Jurassic world situation. My personal opinion is, I’m actually a little bit surprised that the pay is that close. This Pratt right now is generally blockbuster gold, but also, I think I want to point out, because while this has stirred up debate, this is also stirred up a lot of just Horrible shit being thrown towards Bryce Dallas Howard, who at no point in this conversation, Has Played victim right, You had outlets covering in a way where they were like Hey. Doesn’T someone want to be angry about this? Anyone want to get really angry We’re here for it, I think in general. I think we could all be better off if we acknowledged problems But didn’t make everything a problem with this story.

What I’d love to do is pass a question off to you as far as what your thoughts are. Regarding the Chris Pratt Situation, the Cumberbatch situation, the situation in Hollywood in general, because I don’t actually think that there is not a problem whatsoever in Hollywood. I just don’t think the Chris Pratt situation is a representation of it fact. I think using that as a representation is a pretty simplistic mindset.

I think a lot of the actual problems are related to eliminate opportunities for people of color for women and based off of those limited opportunities You can see people being taken advantage of, but that said, I want to pass a question off to you, because I’m genuinely Interested then We had gambling in the news, because the Supreme Court assigned today that the previous ban on sports betting was Unconstitutional. I’Ll, give you some background here. In 1992, the professional and amateur sports Protection Act passed but was passed. Well, it did not ban sports gambling outright; instead, It made it unlawful for a state to quote sponsor, operate, advertise, promote licensed or authorized by law. Sports, bettor and supporters said.

The law was passed to protect sports as a source of wholesome entertainment, instead of allowing it to be corrupted by sports betting. That said, Nevada was Grandfathered in and allowed to keep their already established sports betting, along with Montana Delaware and Oregon, who already had sports lotteries, and the Act also gave a one-year grace period to pass new sports betting laws for states Which had licensed casino gambling. For the previous ten years, one of the states that qualified for that grace period was New Jersey, But they weren’t able to approve sports betting during that time and instead passed it Afterwards, which resulted in that law being challenged by sports leagues. Citing past laws in the league’s one in federal court, Then in 2014 we saw New Jersey, try again this time trying a law that allowed betting at racetracks and casinos Only that new law was then challenged with people citing past laws. Initially, the court ruled against the state, but then chris christie, Who was the governor at the time, challenged alone on the grounds that have violated the Tenth Amendment. So the case makes its way through the courts.

Eventually, it ends up in front of the Supreme Court, and today the court just ruled In favor of New Jersey and the majority opinion largely relied on what is known as the anti-commandeering doctrine. That’S a principle of the Tenth Amendment which says that while Congress can choose federal policies, It cannot force state governments to enact those policies and, according to the majority opinion written by Justice, Samuel Alito, the legalization of sports gambling requires an important policy choice. But the choice is not ours to make Congress can regulate sports gambling directly, But if it elects not to do so, each state is free to act on its own. Our job is to interpret the law. Congress has enacted and decide whether it is consistent with the Constitution.

Paspa is not PASPA regulates state governments as Regulation of their citizens. The Constitution gives Congress no such power also writing about passbook. It is as if federal officers were installed in state legislative chambers and were armed with the authority to stop legislators from voting on any offending proposal, a more direct affront to state sovereignty. It is not easy to imagine and as far as the dissenting opinion we had Ginsburg who wrote in pass, but Congress permissibly exercised his authority to regulate commerce by instructing states and private parties to refrain from Operating sports gambling schemes. Deleting the alleged commandeering directions would free the statute to accomplish Just what Congress legitimately sought to achieve stopping sports gambling regimes, while making it clear that the stoppage is attributable to federal, not state Action.

So essentially, Ginsburg’s argument was certain sections of pass, but just need to be reworded and we shouldn’t blow the whole thing up, But ultimately the Supreme Court has made a decision And will be very interesting to see what Congress does or does not do here. Where does Congress stand in regards to sports betting and States rights? And it’s an interesting time for this, because, according to the Center for gaming research of the University of Nevada, It is likely that fourteen states will legalize sports betting in two years, and an additional 18 states will legalize sports betting within five years. That is unless Congress decides to put down its foot. I will say my personal opinion is: I am all for legalizing.

I think there are tons of people that want to participate in this world and a safe and regulated way. I’M also a big fan of allowing people to make their own decisions without the government deciding what you can or cannot do when it when it’s a choice that affects you, that’s my personal takeaway and Actually I’ll pass the question off to you. What are you, what are your thoughts about this?

Do you think sports betting gambling? It should be legal or no, It’s it’s horrible. What are your reasons?

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Noggin asking us. Could playing music drastically change your brain Ryan? He giving us fortnight the movie Leticia Wright, breaking down the tech in Black Panther.

We also got the Rage 2 announcement trailer. If you want to see the full versions everything I just shared the secret link of the day. Anything at all links, as always, are in the description down below. I don’t want to quickly update you on the situation in Hawaii last covered the Kilauea eruption on Monday and since then activity has continued. There are now reportedly 18 fishers and 37 structures have been destroyed.

The governor issued a supplemental emergency Proclamation Requested a presidential disaster declaration which was granted last Friday. One of the biggest and latest updates to this story is that there may be another massive eruption right around the corner. According to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, there has been withdrawal of lava from the Kilauea summit lake, which may mean that there is an explosive eruption around the corner’ warning saying This could generate dangerous debris very near the crater, and ash Falls up to tens of miles Downwind.

If lava levels drop below the water table, then water will rush in which will create steam and pressure leading to an explosive eruption. So that’s where we are as of right now and we’ll have to wait and see what happens next and then let’s talk about what Is happening in Jerusalem today, So in addition to the United States opening an embassy in Jerusalem today, it’s also the 70th anniversary of The founding of Israel, Which is also why, at the same time, Palestinians have been continuing weeks-long protests that began on March 30th along the Gaza border, because, in addition to today’s anniversary tomorrow, will commemorate the 70th anniversary of what they call knockabout or catastrophe in which hundreds Of thousands of Palestinians either left or were forced from their homes in the newly formed Jewish state. So that’s a general overview, But let’s start with the embassy Trump Of course announced this move back in December 2017, referring to it as a quote Recognition of reality. As far as how do we get from the announcement to actually opening so fast? It’S because they didn’t actually have to do much physically, the United States already at a Consulate General in Jerusalem, But this move adds an embassy plaque to the consulate which makes it official.

So it’s mostly a symbolic move, but it’s still a massive symbolic move, because Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem is not Internationally recognized and a little background into this situation. In 1949, an armistice was signed between Israel and Arab nations separating Jerusalem into eastern and western parts. An area of land known as no-man’s land open between Israel and Jordan since the 1967 war, Israel, as occupied East Jerusalem, and built many settlements in the area. As we come home to around two hundred thousand Jews, the Area is not internationally recognized as Israel’s territory. Although Israel disputes this in 1980, Israel passed a law officially declaring Jerusalem, the capital and many countries once had embassies in Jerusalem, but moved after Israel passed this law in 1993, Israel and Palestine held peace talks in which they agreed.

The final status of Jerusalem was meant to be discussed at later stages of Peace talks and that final status still today has not been decided today at 4:00 p.m. Local time The United States officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem. We saw dozens of Americans attend the ceremony. Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner, Deputy Secretary of State, John J Sullivan Treasury secretary, Steve minuchin and more who’s, a video of Donald Trump play minuchin and Ivanka unveiled the seal. We saw Kushner speak. We then saw Prime Minister Netanyahu speak, but on the other side of this gazans continued their protests along the Gaza Israel board and to give you a little context there.

The Gaza Strip is a 140 square mile piece of land, the borders, Israel and Egypt. It is home to around 2 million people, the majority of whom are Palestinian. Azza has been under the authority of Hamas since 2007, when a split between Fatah, the ruling Palestinian political party and Hamas resulted in a Palestinian civil war. Israel and Egypt have also imposed a blockade on Gaza for at least a decade or strict in the entry of goods and services. Gaza suffers from extreme shortages and fuel and power fresh water is Unsanitary, and the sea is polluted, with rotten sewage, the medical care and education. There are poor, the power can last as little as four hours per day.

Many of the people there are jobless and the young people are more than frustrated and these protests are being referred to as the great march of return. Many of them saying purpose of these protests is for Palestinians to demand the right to return to villages and towns that they or their families say they were forced out of since 1948, and these protests really hit a peak today with the embassy ceremonies. We saw Israeli Air Force, dropping leaflets, warning Palestinians not to come near the fence separating Gaza from Israeli territory leaflets saying in recent weeks, Hamas has been carrying out violence and terror against Israel, Its boundaries and the Gaza Strip. Maas is trying to hide its many failures by endangering your lives. At the same time, Hamas is stealing Your money and using it to dig tunnels at your expense. You deserve a better government and a better future.

The IDF is warning you against approaching the security funds. The IDF is determined to protect Israel’s citizens and sovereignty against Hamas, as attempts to terrorize us under the pretense of violent riots. Do not approach the security fence and do not participate in Hamas. Is life threatening forest even with that we saw at least 35,000 protesting along the Gaza border and at least 12 different locations. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, 55 people have been killed by the Israeli military today with 2,700 injured, Although those numbers are varying wildly, We’ve seen videos and pictures of Gaza and setting tires on fire, hurling fire bombs and stones. We’Ve seen the IDF using drones to drop Tear gas on protesters.

You know the IDF has been using snipers and as far as the use of this for us, as far as this reaction, The IDF released statements on Twitter that Hamas is leading a terrorist operation under the cover of the masses throughout Gaza. According to Hamas is Declaration and IDF intelligence, Hamas ultimately intends to carry out terror attacks, Including a mass infiltration, referring to the reaction as standard procedure Adding a short while ago, three terrorists attempted to place an explosive device near the security fence and Rafah under the cover Of violent riots In response, the IDF fired, the terrorists who were killed heading over 35,000 Palestinians are currently taking part in violent riots along the security fence. Rioters are hurling fire bombs and explosive devices burning, tires, throwing rocks and attempting to ignite fires in Israeli territory, And there have been many disputes regarding the IDF saying. You know there 35,000 Palestinians engaging in a violent riot, And we know for a fact that there are Palestinians that are throwing rocks what appears to be explosives.

Many of them young men near the barrier. There’S also a lot of footage that appears to show the majority of protesters or peaceful Protesters as of right now recording this video. That is where we are with the situation. Unfortunately, It is very likely that tomorrow will be worse.

Just like I said yesterday, we had the the embassy opening. It was the 70th anniversary of Israel being formed, But tomorrow is another more meaningful anniversary for the people that have been protesting and that’s where we’re ending Today’s show and remember if you like this video hit that like button, if you’re new here hit that subscribe button, Make sure you ring that bell to turn on notifications also, If your bathroom visit isn’t over you’re still trying to avoid Conversations the people around you, you want to watch yesterday’s, show click or tap right there to watch that or, if you’re, in the mood For something Lighter you can watch today’s brand new behind the scenes vlog with your tap right there, But so that’s and of course, as always, my name is philip Defranco. You’Ve just been phill’d in I love, yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.